Smart Home Technology – Local Inner West Electrical Company Installs

We have finally embraced a fully integrated ‘smart home’ technology package which makes living in 2016 not only energy efficient but comfortable and secure. We received several proposals for home automation but in the end decided to go with the Clipsal range of home automation products because they are Australian made and can be installed by a local inner west electrician, namely our friend James, who lives in Leichhardt and is a fully licensed electrician. He installed virtually the entire range of Clipsals ‘smart home technology‘ in less than a day. We now have these fantastically luxurious automation options to play with:

  • Integrated sound routing – the systems allows us to play music in every room in the home – even the bathrooms. AC/DC in the bath – yeah!!!
  • Home security wired into the C-Bus control system for smart monitoring
  • Energy efficiency control – minimise energy wastage through use of automated heating a cooling at pre set temperature levels
  • Integrates with or 7.2 kilowatt solar power system and feeds ‘unused’ energy to our backup battery storage units
  • Smart lighting control. our lights are wired into the C-Bus smart sensor technology that allows the lights to only operate when human beings are detected in the living space. this can save up to 40 percent on lighting energy costs.
  • C-Bus integrated light dimmers that create preset lighting levels to create the perfect mood
  • Network connectivity. Every room is wired for internet and high speed video, meaning that we can stream DVD’s and internet to any room with virtually no losses.

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