Newly Elected Abbott Government To Dismantle Climate Change Authority

It is very disturbing to read that after just a couple of weeks in office Tony Abbott has already taken steps to reverse some of the worthwhile climate initiates established by the previous government in particular “preparations are also being made for the dismantling of the Climate Commission and the Climate Change Authority“.

Tony Abbott has changed his spots on climate change. From being an out and out climate sceptic, to (closer to the election) a more moderated view on the need for action on CO2 emissions, he still clearly is putting the thumbs down for new Abbott Government climate 'initiatives'economy and their obsession with bringing the budget back into surplus, ahead of climate change initiatives. I also noted that they have foreshadowed cuts to the ‘million solar roofs’ program. From initially proposing a $1000 rebate for solar installation, they have now scaled back this incentive to $500 (announced by Christopher Pine).

Not the start we had hoped for from the new Government.

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