Natura Home Canberra – Smart Home Design For Health Living

Environmentally sustainable home design has been around for 20 years in Australia but my friend Paul Tyler’s Canberra new home building company  Natura Homes has taken the next step in designing homes that have an emphasis on healthy living. This is long overdue as many new homes seem to built ‘to a price’ using the cheapest of materials and finishes. Natura Homes build homes that really make a difference to the health of the families living there. Features of their new home designs include:

  •  Home ventilation and air purification systems included as standard. This means less likelihood of allergies, hay fever and other air borne illnesses
  • Standard water purification systems built into the new homes. Canberra is known to have reasonably good quality drinking water but there is a risk of contaminants, heavy metals and chlorine being a potential health risk to families. The water filtration systems use stabilised polymers to extract potentially harmful contaminants from all cold water outlets in the home as well as filtering the water going to the hot water service in the home
  • Non toxic paints used throughout the house. Low V.O.C. paints are used in all Natura Homes projects. They are carefully selected to ensure that the chemical composition of the paints are fully tested for potential irritants and breathable paints are employed to ensure that potential for trapping of mold, mildew and other unwelcome contaminants of household surfaces are minimised

Paul has over 30 years experience in construction and design of new homes in Canberra and has taken the ‘livability’ of his new homes to the next level. we hope other building and construction companies follow suit so we can all enjoy healthier living spaces.



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