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I wanted to make a post about my favourite plumbing service in the eastern suburbs, Kevin Jones. I have known Kevin for around 2o+ years. He has been a friend of my brothers even longer. Kevin is the all time best plumber i have ever had the good fortune to need. He has come to our rescue on more than one occasion and last week was a case in point. Our gas hot water system, an old Rheem storage hot water system, which we estimated to be 15 years old, if a day, stopped working. this would not have been so bad had it not been the day before my parents in law arrived from Hobart and we were in full preparation mode for their visit.

I called Kevin and he came around in 20 minutes, not bad given that we live in Randwick and Kevin is based in Coogee, but was on a job way down at Malabar. Lets take a minute to appreciate this great service. Kevin, knowing that our in laws were due to arrive, dropped what he was doing and came over to Randwick at the proverbial drop of the hat!

Dead Gas Hot Water System

Rheem Instant Hot Water system

Our New Rheem Instant Hot Water system

Kevin, upon arrival, checked all of the hot water taps in the house to establish that the hot water was not operating from any outlet, which it was not. He then went and took several diagnostic measures on the old Rheem hot water tank to establish that, basically it had ruptured internally and there was no chance of doing a repair, even temporarily, to get it up and running. His suggestion, to get the hit water service running the same day was to purchase and install one of the modern gas ‘instantaneous’ gas hot water systems. These systems have absolutely no storage tans and and around a third of the size of a conventional ‘tank’ style hot water system. most plumbers now recommend going to these types of hot water systems as they have many great benefits including:

  • unlimited hot water – yay!! this means me, my hubby and kids can shower for as long as we like without having to constantly be worried about running out of hot water – a huge plus!
  • very compact and can be mounted on the wall of a home
  • similar cost to a ‘tank’ based system

So, we decided, on the spot to go for it. In less than 3 hours Kevin had gone to the local plumbing suppliers (Cass Brothers), purchased the system and then come back to our home and fully installed it, after disconnecting and removing the old hot water system – now that’s what you call service – hence the ‘plug’. Great work Kevin!!

Happy In Laws!

Needless to say, we were very happy to have hot water (unlimited!!), again. My in laws were also happy to be able to shower and enjoyed their stay in sunny Randwick!

You can check out Kevin’s plumbing website here¬†and again, i would like to thank him for saving the day for us!

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